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OMG! Tsunami Hits Greenland June 18th 2017 Raw Footage

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♨ Weather Alert! Tsunami Hits Greenland as a result of a 5.0 earthquake. 4 missing , more updates to come. Raw footage. ???? If you have videos send it to thatimpossiblechannel@gmail.com and we will post it! ????MORE VIDEOS: -Suggested videos - https://goo.gl/4rbcPB -Prophecies of Strange Times - https://goo.gl/81Msj7 -Dome confirmed ? https://goo.gl/S7eapc -This Cant Be happening https://goo.gl/a2MWdR -Katy Perry Clone On Cam https://goo.gl/7iGnPG -Witches Are Real Mate https://goo.gl/J9fp6l -They Hide Among Us https://goo.gl/jGOpmJ -Something Huge Is Lurking Over Us https://goo.gl/qjgGke -Watch Before They Delete This https://goo.gl/mdZszb -This isnt funny anymore https://goo.gl/mysiFZ -Real Antarctica Underground Base Google Earth https://goo.gl/LpkbFT ???? Support...
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