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G.R.L "Show Me What You Got"- 2/7/2014 (HD)

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G.R.L performs "Show Me What You Got" in The MIX Performance Corner at 101.9fm THE MIX. Subscribe NOW to the Official 101.9fm THE MIX YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1019THEMIXYouTube Get more 101.9fm THE MIX: Follow 101.9fm THE MIX: http://Twitter.com/1019MIXChicago Like 101.9fm THE MIX: https://Facebook.com/1019MIXChicago Instagram with 101.9fm THE MIX: http://Instagram/1019MIXChicago When bands come to Chicago, they are sure to stop by THE MIX studios and play live. We capture them and play them back right here, free and on demand. 101.9fm THE MIX / WTMX Chicago features the Eric and Kathy Morning Show, the signature entertainment morning radio program in Chicago and...
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