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Katy Perry is a Reptilian Lizard *REMIX* (Fred Durst, Vinnie Paz, Josh Lockdown 23&1, Tony Patrico)

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In December 2018, a secret CIA surveillance operation was conducted to monitor conversations between Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Josh from Lockdown 23and1, and 105.7FM's Tony Patrico. This unlikely triad of heroes was found to have somehow accessed secret Pentagon files which identified international award-winning pop icon Katy Perry as the intergalactic ambassador of a reptilian lizard alien species hell-bent on destroying Earth. With most of the planet's population remaining too blind to realize this impending doom, it is up to Fred, Josh, and Patrico to save mankind before Katy Perry and her body-possessing lizard extraterrestrials annihilate all human life on...
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