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“If Broadway Songs Were About Quarantine” Taylor Lozano, Lucas Bennett, Adam Russ, Shawn Rader, Ben Price, Jill Price “Dark I Know Well” Sarah Ellsworth “Good Things” Emerald Tse “Tonight” (Parody by Sammy Caiola) Sammy Caiola, Eric Piotrowski “Epic II” Anthony Castillon “All Falls Down” Cassie Mosher “On My Own” (Parody by Lucas Bennett) Lucas Bennett “God is a Woman” Koreena Walsh “One is the Loneliest Number” Dennis Curry “As If We Never Said Goodbye” Shayla Moreland “Masks” (Parody of “Class” by Jennifer Morrison and Annie Dick) Jennifer Morrison, Annie Dick “Unexpected Song” Jennifer Rineman "Someone Gets Hurt" Nicole Richter “What...
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